3M™ Perfect-It™ Fast Cut Compound, 250 g


CODE: 09374

  • Use a fast, easy apply and clean up compound
  • Get fast, effective action
  • Achieve a fine, high gloss finish in combination with a finer follow-up compound
  • Removes overspray
  • Removes overspray
  • Can be followed by machine polish, eg 09548

Use 3M™ Perfect‐It™ Fast Cut Compound to remove sanding scratches after flatting or denibbing processes (with 3M 260L P1200 / P1500 or 3M Microfine 1500 / 2000 wet sanding paper).

3M™ Perfect‐It™ Fast Cut Compound delivers a fine, high gloss to both fresh and aged paintwork. It is a fast-acting coarse grade compound, to be used by machine it in a variety of processes as first compounding step. The complimentary pad colour to be used is i.e. orange. Following this process, you will need to work with a finer product to achieve a high gloss final finish. Suitable are 3M™ Perfect‐It™ Fine Compound or 3M™ Perfect‐It™ High Gloss Machine Polish with a black waffle pad.

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