Clinazur 901 Medium Cutting & Polish

The Clinazur 901 is a medium cutting and polishing liquid compound, which combines a good abrasive power with a high gloss finish. It removes medium oxidation, marks, yellowing, scratches and black streaks fast and effectively. It does not overheat the surface while polishing and it is smooth and easy to apply and work with. Ideal to be used on delicate or even dark surfaces for a swirl free finishing, it quickly restores the deep shine of the surface back to a like-new condition without waste of time and material. Shake well before use. Apply by variable speed polisher, selecting either a wool pad for a quicker and heavier cutting action or a medium-rigid foam pad for a less aggressive one. Pour a small quantity of compound on the pad. Spread the paste with crossed movements and start the machine at low speed, gradually speeding up (max 2000 RPM). Finally, wipe the surface with a clean cloth

CUT : 4



Packaging sizes : 500 g – 1L