Clinazur 903 ULTRAFINE Waxing Polish

The Clinazur 903 is the final touch for the ultimate shine ! It is an ultra fine polishing compound enhanced with specific and high resistance waxes. This combination allows the double action of removing very micro defects and protecting the surfaces from sun, salt and weathering. Clinazur 903 assures a premium level of gloss and leaves a very smooth surface. The protective layer helps to reduce dirt deposits on surface. Shake well before use , Then apply either by variable speed polisher or by hand, selecting either a soft foam pad or a clean and soft microfiber cloth. If by polisher, pour a small quantity on the pad and spread the polish with crossed movements, starting the machine at low revolutions, gradually speeding them up (max 2000 RPM). If by hand, spread it with circular and even movements. Let the surface dry completely a few minutes, and finally wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

CUT : 1



Packaging sizes : 500g – 1L