The Cruiser liferafts are designed for coastal cruising and moderate navigation conditions.Single floor on Cruiser Standard. Insulating double floor on Cruiser ORC and ORC+.
CODE Model Container No. of pers.
28822 Cruiser Standard Valise 4-man
57042 Cruiser Standard Canister 4-man
27979 Cruiser Standard Valise 6-man
57047 Cruiser Standard Canister 6-man
29132 Cruiser Standard Valise 8-man
57068 Cruiser Standard Canister 8-man
28826 Cruiser ORC Valise 4-man
57043 Cruiser ORC Canister 4-man
27983 Cruiser ORC Valise 6-man
57048 Cruiser ORC Canister 6-man
29136 Cruiser ORC Valise 8-man
57069 Cruiser ORC Canister 8-man
28830 Cruiser ORC+ Valise 4-man
57044 Cruiser ORC+ Canister 4-man
27987 Cruiser ORC+ Valise 6-man
57049 Cruiser ORC+ Canister 6-man
29140 Cruiser ORC+ Valise 8-man
57070 Cruiser ORC+ Canister 8-man

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