Inflatable Lifejacket SLR 196 Auto Pro Sensor

Following the success of the SL 180, Plastimo launches its successor : the SLR 196 is more than ever cut out for performance.
A concentrate of functionalities imagined by the sailing elite and designed thanks to the expertise of Plastimo research and Development team.
An exclusive design coupled with a choice of high-tech materials make this lifejacket a “must have” in its category.

Boyancy rated 150, superior 196 N actual buoyancy. (196 is the French emergency number for assistance at sea for mobile phone).

Mastered design

  • Exclusive dual chamber technology.
  • Optimized bladder design with ergonomic neck.
  • Release handle integrated into the cover.
  • Modern design with high tech materials and carbon effect fabric.

Safety and performance

  • 196N buoyancy to improve rollover efficiency and freeboard.
  • Quick drain to adjust pressure and deflate the vest if needed.
  • Access pocket for the percussion system.
  • High resistance harness with textile buckle.

Lightweight and ergonomic design

  • Ultra-flexible, follows the shape of the shoulders for greater ease of in maneuvers.
  • Intuitive to put on and adjust (belt with invisible strap, 6 presetting’s).
  • “Stab-lock” type buckle in aluminum.
  • Neoprene collar neckline.

EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY invented by Plastimo : To combine lightweight, performance and reliability, Plastimo replicates in the SLR 196 lifejacket the polyurethane film air chamber, engineered in its liferafts for decades.

​​​​​​​More top features :
Quick « Stab-lock » type buckle in aluminum.
« Quick fit » Belt with 6 preset positions for quick fitting.
Carbon durable fabric with double layer reinforcement.
Soft housing with QBZ® Zip (Quick Burst Zip – YKK).
Integrated design handle « easy release system ».
« 3D fit » mesh back panel : comfort and breathability
​​​​​​​Soft straps MOLLE® for accessories attachment points.

Product Code: 70453