iShine iCeramic Polysilazane Ceramic Coating

Introducing iShine iCeramic Polysilazane Ceramic Coating – the ultimate solution for a hassle-free ceramic coating experience! Say goodbye to the need for stubborn removal gels and hello to effortless protection for your surfaces.

Experience the difference with iShine iCeramic, where strength meets simplicity. This innovative ceramic coating provides exceptional protection while offering the convenience of easy removal. Unlike traditional coatings that require intense efforts to strip off, iCeramic gradually fades away over time, allowing for a straightforward polishing process.

With iShine iCeramic, you no longer have to worry about committing to a permanent coating. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can easily remove and replace the coating as needed. It’s the perfect solution for those who appreciate flexibility and want to explore different finishes or make adjustments to their surface protection.

Our advanced polysilazane formula ensures reliable and long-lasting protection for your surfaces. iCeramic creates a strong barrier against environmental factors, UV rays, oxidation, and more, safeguarding your prized possessions from damage and wear.

Join the iShine community and discover the power of iCeramic – the ceramic coating that offers both strength and convenience. Embrace the freedom to experiment with different coatings and maintain the impeccable look of your surfaces with ease.

Upgrade your surface protection game with iShine iCeramic Polysilazane Ceramic Coating. It’s time to experience worry-free, problem-free ceramic coating like never before.

Features :

  • In-organic ceramic coating.
  • Especially formulated for all painted, and gelcoat, surfaces, as well as glass and stainless steel.
  • Excellent resistance on any type of coating.
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove.
  • No adverse colouring effect.
  • Hand application for detailing areas
  • Machine application for large areas
  • Blends easily between new and aged treated areas
  • Enhances the aspect on new paint at its initial application
  • Improves the deep colour aspect on aged and dull finishes
  • Strong UV protection.
  • 1 bottle = 100ml: Covers approx. 100m2 on new painted surfaces and 50m2 on aged ones.

Product Code: iShine iCeramic