Night Eye High-beam Light


CODE: 13.239.00

Features: – ABS with anodized aluminium bracket and stainless steel base. – WAGNER optical bulb. – Full 360° rotation and elevation joint, frictioning. – Detachable light with 2-m extention cable. – Watertight switch, fitted with rubber cover, integrated into the rear dome. – Equipped with watertight plug for recess or flat mounting. Features: – Weather resistant. – Vacuum-sealed optic bulb, humidity- and salt-resistant. – Great power. – Light weight, low cost.

Version Halogen Beam SPOT- FLOOD V 12 W 100+100
Beam – FLOOD m 100 Beam – SPOT m 400 For pipes mm 22/25 Beam dimensions – h mm 250
Beam dimensions – Ø mm 215

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