Rule-A-Matic Plus Float Switch 20A

Rule-A-Matic Plus float switch, 20A

  • Turns pump on when water level reaches 51mm (2″), turns pump off when water level reaches 19mm (3/4″)
  • Corrosion resistant construction (long life seals, waterproof grommet protection and ‘blocked’ wiring)
  • Has a strong, fully integrated and impact-resistance cover, which protects against debris and jamming
  • For use with pumps drawing up to 20 amps (12V) / 10 amps (24V) / 6,5 amps (32V)
  • Dimensions: Height 7,6 cm / lenght 13,7 cam / width 6,4 cm

Product Code: RU040A

Technical data sheet Rule 40A