Sika® Teak Oil Neutral 2.5L

The combination of high-quality vegetable oils with different viscosities lead to a good penetration into the wood and a quick drying time through the content in natural drying agents.

Sika ® Teak Oil Neutral is used to protect the teak decks of sailboats and yachts It protects the wood, makes it resistant and restores its natural look. Sika ® Teak Oil Neutral is a long-term protection against sea water, freshwater, UV and other climatic factors:

  • Protect the teak decks of sail boats and yachts.
  • Restore and maintenance of wood for deck, wood floors, wood tables, wood sunbeds…


  • Brings out natural grain of wood.
  • High UV protection.
  • Vegetable oil base.
  • Natural oil, solvent free

Product Code: Sika ® Teak Oil Neutral