Same features as WindS400 model and :

  • Proprietary bus interface and NMEA0183 input/output
  • Simulation mode

WIND-a, complete with masthead unit + 25 m cable.

Wind system with a large analog display for precise and fine display of wind angle. The wind speed and other information are displayed on a large, backlit and anti-fogging LCD display. Apparent and true wind direction. True wind requires a boat speed data either via the bus or NMEA0183 input. Trend and battery status. Wind speed range: 0-50 m/s, 0-99 knots. Delivery complete with a very robust and precise masthead unit featuring ball bearings for wind vane and cups and 25 m cable. Multiple repeaters can be connected via the internal data bus. Networking via internal data bus and NMEA 0183 input and output.

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