C-Systems 10 10 CFS

Epoxy system in a  2:1 weight ratio , very easy to apply, extremely reliable, ideal for all jobs in general both below and above the waterline. It has an exceptional quality standard and thanks to its fluidity, it uses a series of additives, which make it usable in any type of processing to solve every need, such as wood-wood, wood-fibreglass, fibreglass-fibreglass glue and heterogeneous materials. For laminating glass, carbon, Kevlar fabrics on wood and fiberglass, etc. etc. As Structural Filler, filler, primer for transparent and non-transparent painted wood, anti-osmosis primer, osmosis repair primer. Also suitable for metal hulls and bulbs after an anti-corrosion cycle with  Nautilus Epoxy Primer. For the packaging, special pumps are available and can be purchased separately for correct dosing of the mixture . C-Systems 10 10 CFS is RINA approved.

Weight ratio              2:1

Usage time at 20°C

Fast catalyst 12′-16′

standard catalyst 15′-20′

Slow catalyst 25′-30′

Drying time at 20°C

Fast catalyst 8-10 h

standard catalyst 10-12 h

Slow catalyst 18 -20 h

Dry residue 100%

Equipment brush, roller

Bonding yield 300/500 g/m2, for primer and impregnating coat 12-15 m2/kg

Packaging sizes : 750 gr / 1.5 kg / 4.5 kg

Product Code: C-Systems 10 10 CFS