C-Systems Pumps 10 10 CFS

Use of these dosing pumps is suitable for the C-Systems 10 10 CFS pack of 750 gr. The blue pump is for component A and the red pump is for component B. To activate the pumps, after having mounted them, lightly press the plunger several times so that they load. The resin mixing ratio is 2:1 by weight ( 100 g A + 50 g B). For the correct proportion it is necessary to do 1 pump of A + 1 pump of B. When larger quantities are needed, the pumps must always be alternated, i.e. 1 pump of A + 1 of B, again 1 of A + 1 of B and etc. Mix the resulting mixture well before application. The pumps are equipped with a lock which is activated by lowering and rotating the dispenser by half a turn. Unlocking occurs with the reverse operation. Incorrect use, failure to respect the pumping sequence, the addition of solvents as well as an arbitrary variation of the mixing ratio compromise the final result of the work. Check the accuracy of the weight of the pump strokes with a precision electronic scale. In winter use, keep the two components in place with at least 15°.

Product Code: C-Systems Pumps 10 10 CFS