Clinazur 902 Extra Fine Polish

The Clinazur 902 is an extra fine polish (anti holograms) especially developped for high gloss refinishing action. Its unique combination of micro polishing agents has been designed to remove small defects and holograms. Highly recomanded after either Clinazur 900 or 901 for enhancing the gloss by a complete removal of halos. Ideal on dark surfaces where holograms emerge more clearly. Shake well before use. Apply by variable speed polisher, selecting a medium-soft foam pad. Pour a small quantity of compound on the pad, too much quantity is not needed and is actually counter-productive. Spread the polish with crossed movements and start the machine at low revolutions, gradually speeding them up (max 2000 RPM). Finally, wipe the surface with a clean cloth

CUT : 2



Packaging sizes : 500 g – 1L