Compass Offshore 105 Black

The famous Offshore compass with built-in articulated hood, most popular on open dayboats, RIB’s, power cruisers and catamarans.

5 years warranty

Flush- or bracketmount, it adapts to all steering pods or dashboards and offers optimal readability.
Magnetic cell construction features shock absorbers for added resistance to vibrations and hull pounding.
Universal balance : around the world with one compass

  • Compass card : graduated every 5°. Heading numerals every 30°.
  • Hood/sunshade : articulated protective hood: built-in sliding cover, composed of 3 telescopic parts.
  • Mounting : comes as standard in a flushmount version. Can be bracket-mounted with the addition of optional bracket (Black Bracket 17268).
  • Resistance to vibrations and hull pounding : magnetic cell mounted on shock absorbers.
  • Lubber line : 1 lubber line.
  • Lighting : 12-24 V. LED


Product Code: 65001