Powerful Descaler, rust & stain Remover.

Ferrotone is a professional, versatile product!

  • Removes rust and oxidation stains from stainless steel and almost all surfaces on the boat.
  • Dissolves limescale, fouling and other sediments from the hull and metal parts of the boat.
  • Removes yellowish, strong stains and salts from Gel Coat.
  • Deeply cleans and restores old teak wood (diluted with hot water).
  • Also suitable for the desalination of engine cooling systems.
  • Antibacterial action in all cleaning areas.

Instructions for use: use Ferrotone undiluted or diluted with water depending on application. Apply the product with a sponge, leave it for 5 minutes to act and rinse, removing any rust and dirt from the stainless steel. To wash the Gel Coat apply with a sponge, leave for 5 minutes and rinse. To renew old or dirty teak, dilute 1:10 with warm water, apply with a soft brush and then rinse. For engine cooling systems dilute 1:5 – 1:10 with water and let it recycle for 15-30 minutes. As a general rule, apply the product undiluted when you want to remove rust from the stainless steel or diluted for a milder wash in gel coat, fiberglass, teak etc.

Pack sizes: 1Lt, 5Lt

Product Code: Ferrotone