Extreme Plus Watertight & Rechargeable LED Torch

Technical features:
– rechargeable low-voltage lithium battery with USB cable included;
– 1A current draw for use of any USB sockets (i.e. 14.516xx/14517.xx);
– small USB port for recharge and large USB port to use the torch as energy source for cell phones;
– floating.
5 light functions:
A) SPOT+COH-HI, 1400 lm, 1h duration;
B) SPOT-HI, 950 lm, 1.15h duration;
C) COB-HI, 750 lm, 1.45h duration;
D) COB-LO, 45 lm, 20h duration;
E) FLASH, 45 lm, 3h duration.

Watertight up to m 1 Lumen 1400/950/750/45 Range m 600/300/200 Duration h in full light / half light / flash mode 1/1,15/1,45/20
Body colour  Fluo yellow mm 150x160xØ70 445

Product Code: 12.170.13