FLEXICUSH Universal Fender Cushion

An universal fender mat with a variety of possibilities.

Black and navy blue (One color on each side).
Dimension: 50x32x4cm

FlexiCush is the universal fender, specially designed for water sports.

Perfect for RIBs and inflatable boats
FlexiCush is especially ideal for RIB- and inflatable boats, as it folds nicely around curved surfaces, stays in place, and not at least taking up little space.

Space-saving and comfortable
FlexiCush takes up little space when not in use, and can aslo be used as a seat pad while driving/sailing. It is therefore ideal for dinghies and other small boats.

Many applications and shaping possibilities in one
With its seven “tubes”, which the included line can be pulled through, you get a number of possibilities that almost only the imagination sets limits to. It can, for example, be rolled into a sylindrical fender, hung along the side of the hull or wrapped around a mooring pole to protect the boat from that. Or how about taking FlexiCush ashore, to have a comfortable seat pad? FlexiCush is also great for fendering off the vulnerable bathing platform.

FlexiCush floats, and you do not risk it disappearing at the depths of the sea if the accident is out. However, it can actually be used during swimming, such as a “swimming aid”.

UV resistant
The strong, soft and gentle material is of course also UV-stable.

Two colors in one
FlexiCush is black on one side and navy blue on the other. Otherwise, the sides are exactly the same, so you can choose whether it should appear black or navy blue when you use FlexiCush.

High quality polyester cover, lined with closed PE foam that does not absorb water. The coating is very gentle on the hull side, gelcoat and polish, just like a fender cover.

Product Code: FLEXICUSH