Category: Halyard and Sheet Lines  | Sport level
Application: Main Halyard, Genoa Halyard, Spinnaker/gennaker Halyard, Spinnaker boom Halyard ,
Main Sheet, Spinnaker/gennaker Sheet, Genoa Sheet, Spinaker Sheet , Outhaul, Reefing Line 1, Reefing Line 2, Kiking

Construction: Double braided line
Core: 100% Nexsteel (HMPE)
Cover: High Tenacity Polyester

Outstanding performance for the price. In comparison with other racing lines, Levante contains Nexsteel (LANEX tested HMPE) material in the core.
In our assessment, this line offers the best performance for the price.

Elongation up to 3 % by 20 % of breaking load.

*core is not suitable for splicing



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