iShine Boat Shampoo

The best ph neutral and eco-friendly shampoo your boat needs for maintenance and protection! With the polymer properties inside, your boat will shine everyday.

The iShine Boat Shampoo is based on the newest technology and is specifically designed for daily yacht and boat care. Its pH-neutral formula is suitable for all paint types, gelcoats, metals, varnished and wooden surfaces.

The iShine Boat Shampoo cleans, revitalises and protects in one step. It easily removes dirt and contamination (grease, oil, lime, and acid minerals, salt water and fuel contamination).

It provides a high degree of UV protection after every application.

The moisturising agents and the Polymer high performance protector leave a water repellent surface and a long lasting gloss & shine.
It contains slippery lubricants to prevent scratching and, at the same time, reduces cleaning costs & time.

Product Code: iShine Boat Shampoo