iShine nº2 Rubbing Compound Medium

For those who want a quick fix on relatively new painted surfaces, our iShine nº2 Rubbing compound medium cut is the ideal product.

Our medium cut high performance silicone-free iShine nº2 Rubbing Compound Medium contains extremely effective rubbing particles and special slip-agent components that ensure an excellent surface restoration and fast cutting performance. It’s water based and ecologically friendly.

Restores all types of paints and gelcoats, glass and stainless steel. Highly recommended for new/semi-old and lightly scratched surfaces. It’s used for smoothing out highly stressed and weather-beaten paint and gel coat. You can then use the iShine nº3 Rubbing Compound Finesse to re-buff.

It can be applied manually for small m² areas, and by machine for larger areas.

In case of manual treatment the iShine nº2 Rubbing Compound Medium is evenly applied onto the surface to be treated and worked up using a polishing cloth. Remove the dried-on residue using a microfibre cloth.

Application with machine, apply evenly onto the surface to be treated and polish off with a medium iShine White Foam Pad on high to medium revolution. A fine polish & preservation is required after a medium rubbing process.

Product Code: iShine nº2