iShine nº3 Rubbing Compound Finesse

A “must-have” in your work box, shelf, bag, wherever you work! The most popular rubbing compound everyone wants!

The iShine nº3 is excellent on new and almost new surfaces and dark paints & gel coats. It’s designed to remove light surface defects and to be used as a post-treatment after polishing with a heavy or medium compounding process on any kind of paint or gel coat erasing swirl marks from the treated surface.

Due to its highly complex slip-agent components, the iShine nº3 revitalises deep colour on paints and gel coats for the desired wet look before protection. This silicone-free emulsion is water based and ecologically friendly. It can be processed manually or by machine (on low revolution only and using a soft iShine Black Foam Pad).

In case of manual treatment the iShine nº3 Rubbing Compound Finesse is evenly applied onto the surface to be treated using a polishing cloth. Afterwards wash down the dried residue on white coloured surfaces (no need to wash down on deep colours, only dry with a microfibre cloth). The surface is now perfectly prepared to be protected and preserved by iShine Protective Coatings nº4 Polymer Sealant and nº5 Nanotechnology Topcoat.

Product Code: iShine nº3