iShine nº5 Protective Nanotechnology Topcoat

If you want shine in your life, you can’t get away without having this product! You want extra shine and protection? iShine nº5 is your baby!

The silicone-free iShine nº5 Nanotechnology Topcoat ensures excellent preservation using finest polishing agents (nano particles) in combination with conveying a very high gloss impression.
To be used on new and polished painted surfaces and gel coats, and suitable for application on paints that have been previously thoroughly cleaned off & restored using iShine rubbing compounds and the iShine nº4 Polymer Sealant.

Processing is optional by hand or using a polishing machine.

You apply the iShine Nº5 Nanotechnology Topcoat as the final top coat protection step after applying the iShine Nº4 Polymer Sealant to achieve the best result and protection for your finish. Apply evenly onto the surface using a polishing cloth, let it dry slightly and afterwards, polish off using a microfibre cloth. In case of machine polish apply a small quantity helically onto a soft iShine Foam Pad and polish in a criss-cross motion on low speed revolution and remove residues using a microfiber cloth.

Product Code: iShine Nº5