Museum Gel – Quakehold Clear tack

Clear museum gel is used as a removable adhesive under glassware china and crystal.

Quakehold museum gel was used over 10 years ago by major museums in the earthquake region of California to protect exhibits. Since then, the practice of securing works of art and collections has become popular among both professionals and private collectors. It is perfect for preventing accidental damage of valuable items prone to disturbance through vibration or in busy areas where they may be more vulnerable.

Clear Museum gel will stay soft and flexible and is barely noticeable when securing glass and crystal, we recommend testing the product adhesion periodically and cleaning the area to ensure proper adhesion.

Used in museum display cases for fragile works of art, is non-toxic, removable and reusable. Perfect for underneath clarity of glass and clear crystal objects on glass shelves.

  • 115 gram container

Product Code: Museum Gel