Pilot 165 Inflatable Lifejacket With Harness Auto Red Color

Buoyancy : Rated 150, Actual 165 N.

Ergonomic design, elegant and modern.

  • Very flexible and body-hugging providing a perfect fit to an active crew.
  • Slim cut with optimized folding : just the right degree of compactness to preserve flexibility.

Soft and flexible fabric.

Outer shell with zip closure.

  • Perfect finish and great looks, opening of outer shell only when required.
  • Provides a better protection of the air chamber and avoids outer shell untimely opening. Easy to fold and re-pack when checking or servicing.

Models with integrated harness :

  • Ergonomic harness with textile loop.
  • Sewn horizontally for enhanced ergonomy. Heavy duty hi-tech fibre with retro-reflective insert.
  • Lightweight loop, just rigid enough to hook tether easily (shown here with tether, not included).

More top features :
Inflation system includes a cylinder locking system.
Zip opens at both ends : easier to check quickly the inflation status. Also facilitates servicing.
​​​​​​​Double push piece buckle on lifejacket without harness : easier to click on and off.

Product Code:  66801

Technical data sheet Gilet_Pilot_165_zip_certificat_UE

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