iShine nº1 Rubbing Compound Optimum iTriple Cut

Have you ever dreamt of having one rubbing compound you can use to achieve 3 different results? With the iShine nº1 you can polish hard, medium or soft any surface just by using the corresponding pads.

It’s the most versatile rubbing compound out there. It’s made of aluminium particles. With only a few little drops you can cover a large area of m² (1000ml = 300m²). It’s a very easy and smooth product to work with. It doesn’t dry off in dust and provides a shinier result.

It can be applied manually or by machine. When applying by machine, use the iShine orange Foam Pad if you want to to a heavy cut; use the iShine white Foam Pad for a medium cut; or use the iShine black Foam Pad for a finesse cut.

This product can be mixed with our iShine n°4 Polymer Sealant in a single hand application for those who are looking for a quick application; and with the iShine iCeramic Coating directly on the same pad (preferably using a random orbital polishing machine) for a one hand go-to application. Mixing the ceramic and the rubbing compound together avoids the ceramic to dry off as fast as usual.

Product Code: iSHINE No1