iShine nº4 Polymer Sealant

Who doesn’t want a product that nurtures, hydrates and protects your coated surfaces, while providing a shinier look?

1000ml covers 40/50m²

Use any combination of iShine rubbing compounds (N°1, N°2 or N°3) to restore colors to its original luster, and finish with the 2-step protective coating process (N°4 Polymer Sealant, then N°5 Nanotechnology Topcoat) to give your paintwork a brand new protective finish and ultra hardwearing and long lasting shine.

The silicone-free iShine nº4 Polymer Sealant is composed of reactive components and possesses a special slip agent combination that restores the pigmentation (on a molecular level) and generates a high shine and a very high protection against UV, environmental elements and oxidation.
It’s designed to be used on paints and gel coats, but it’s also excellent to restore & protect stainless steel & precious metals, glass & windows, tires, tenders and fenders without scratches.

It can be processed manually or by machine.

Make sure all surfaces are cleaned and free of dirt, grease and detergent. The iShine Nº4 Polymer Sealant is evenly applied onto the surface and polished off using a polishing cloth. In case of machine polish use a soft iShine Foam Pad on low revolution until it dries. Afterwards, remove the dried-on residue using a microfiber cloth.

Product Code: iShine Nº4